Hannah Strickland is an emerging indie folk singer-songwriter based in Elon, NC. With a 'gripping' vocal timbre & 'yearning' lyrics, Hannah crafts 'patiently beautiful folk-laden arrangements.' Her melancholic sound has manifested over the years with influence from artists such as Gregory Alan Isakov, Keaton Henson, & many more.

With her roots in Upstate New York, Hannah began classical violin at age eight. Twelve years later, she is currently completing a degree in Music Production & Recording Arts at Elon University. Her first year at college, Hannah was signed as an artist through Limelight Records - her second year, she redirected her exposure as an independent artist & later joined up with local Americana/Folk band Love & Valor as a violinist, vocalist, & engineer.

At her core, Hannah has always remained an independent musician; she writes, records, & produces all her works. Her solo career began to sprout in 2016, when she released her first EP entitled "The West" - followed by a single & an album "Hamartia" released summer of 2017. "The End of Our Days" EP was released the next spring. 

In May 2019, Hannah released a new single entitled "Friends" - this release marked a milestone in her career, as she took a step away from her DIY past & produced using state-of-the-art studio equipment.

Hannah appears at countless gigs in the Elon/Burlington area, including coffee houses, radio shows, acoustic nights, & much more. She currently spends her time touring with Love & Valor and engineering the band's new album - following this release, her brand new solo album "Phantom Burn" will be in the production stages.

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"I am completely blown away by this album [Hamartia]! Hannah's voice is incredible, and the songs themselves are so beautiful."
"Youthful old soul talent...
a MUST-listen"

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new indie daily

July showcase Vol.



reviewed on:

Obscure Sound

"The End of Our Days – depicts a consuming vein of folk. There are several highlights throughout the release, notably the string-tugging impact of “Pretend” and the emotional, lo-fi aesthetic of “Dirt”. Strickland’s vocals are simultaneously soothing and gripping, her lyrics often depicting a genuine form of yearning that coincides beautifully with the patiently beautiful folk-laden arrangements."
-Obscure Sound

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Elon After Hours


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