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Baton Rouge, June 3 1891

The white of your eyes shined brighter than the moon that lit that place 

And your crooked yellow smile grew wider as it crept across your face 

You said "honey have no fear, oh the devil himself runs from me 

Oh I'm a man of my desires, a man who'll stop at nothing to be free"  

Your eyes grew even wilder as you reached around behind you for your gun 

You said "come on baby closer, I promise I don't bite like this thing does"

And you whispered in my ear “this here's the reason Johnny's not come home 

You've got one bullet for revenge so take your aim sweetheart, I'll move slow”


So you stepped onto that log and you spread your arms into the great black night 

You said "go on take your shot girl, you've got it easy, I’ll put up no fight" 

So I raised up your old gun and I aimed right between your glowing eyes 

And the sound it shook the earth and sent off birds into the smoky skies 

As the smoke cleared from my eyes, there upon that log you still stood

And as your eyes met mine, I knew that was the last time that they would 

You said "sorry ‘bout your luck pal, I told you even death will run from me 

But you ain't got that reputation so give Johnny my hello and niceties”

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